Weave Your Own Beautiful Woven Willow Fence with Our Complete Kits

  • All steel posts for maximum longevity and strength
  • Simple to construct. The pre cut willow stems are woven around the mid posts and slot into the connector posts
  • They look great - a unique partnership of weathered steel and natural willow

Our woven willow fencing kits provide everything you need to weave your own willow fence from the ground up all set within a sturdy steel frame work. 

Building a willow fence from our kits is a very rewarding and (in our opinion) enjoyable process. You don’t need any fencing experience or specialist tools

Once you’ve placed your order we will delivery everything you need for your woven willow fence, to anywhere in the UK.

A Willow Fencing Revelation

  • No more sagging hazel or willow panels
  • No more rotting posts
  • No need for specific installers
  • Yes to a unique beautiful willow fence
  • Yes to saving money compared to a continuous woven willow fence
  • Yes to building your fence to any height or length increment
  • Yes to the satisfaction of weaving your own willow fence

The specially selected willow stems create a lovely flowing weave with subtle variations in colour and thickness. They are simply woven around the steel mid posts and slot into the steel connector posts at either end. There are no cut ends visible and no joins. It couldn’t be simpler to achieve a highly professional and strong willow fence.

The posts won’t rot and the extra thick willow stems have been sourced from Holland for increased life and uniformity.

The visual contrast of natural weaving willow fencing set within the steel posts makes our willow fencing system look as striking as it is robust.

With willow stems cut to length by us and slotted posts weaving is a breeze.

Beautiful willow fences built by you

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